My downgrading

I explain my official position in this department, inside University La Sapienza. In December 2012 I became Associate Professor by winning a local competition in Mathematics (with other 2 colleagues). The document produced by University La Sapienza containing the rules of the competition was uncorrect, hence - due to the appeal of a participant to the competition - in 2016 all has been erased since non valid. As a consequence, in December 2016 I have lost my position of Associate Professor. Afterwards, in the same month (i.e. December 2016) I was again employed by the University La Sapienza, with a ``direct call''. This has been possible since in 2010 I had won a national Italian competition giving me the so-called ``Idoneità'', allowing me to be employed as Associate Professor under test (non confermato) by any Italian University, without any further competition. Hence, from December 2016 I am Associate Professor under test (non confermato). This status is of lower level w.r.t. Associate Professor and lasts 3 years (afterwards, if confirmed, I will become Associate Professor). It also corresponds to a lower salary (around 2.200 euros per month). I write this explanation, once and for all, since by reading some administrative documents some people do not understand what has happened and are puzzled. Indeed, in some administrative documents of the Italian Ministery of University it is now written that I have been researcher until December 2016.

This has been my experience inside this department and inside University La Sapienza.