The Departments of Mathematics of University "La Sapienza" and University "Aix Marseille" have signed an Erasmus agreement starting from 2014.

For M1 (the 1st year of master, i.e. of laurea magistrale) you can see the list of courses at the website

For M2 (the 2nd year of master) there are several possibilities (see on the above webpage the Menu Master Map on the right). During the second year the organization is slightly different since the second semester is generally shorter than during the first year. Indeed the students from the beginning of april do not follow courses and have to write an essay. For good students motivated for a Ph.D. in Marseille or in collaboration, attending courses of the second year of the master from the beginning of the first semester would have the folliwing advantages: local people have the time to know them and viceversa, students would be registered as a student of the master and could beneficit to all the good conditions offered to these students, and eventually they could apply to the PHD fellowships for which the students of master 2 have priority. The competition is rather tough.

Furthermore, Ph.D. fellowships in Probability or Statistics, either in Marseille or in other cities in France, are available for motivated and successful students.

In any case the Erasmus agreement holds for all levels of Mathematics at University "Aix Marseille":

For more information you can contact:
  • the Erasmus coordinator in Marseille, Clothilde Melot. e-mail: clothilde.melot[at]
  • myself as local coordinator in Rome faggiona[at]