Due to the Network ''Giordano Bruno'' of Maths-Labs there is a special parternship between Nice, Rome and L'Aquila. For what concerns Probability and Statistical Physics, this partnership is a continuation of a well-estiblished collaboration between the respective research groups. The Network ''Giordano Bruno'' promotes and supports mobility both of reasearchers and of students. In particular, for students preparing master thesis under a co-supervision involving different countries, there is the possibility to spend some time in the hosting foreign countries. Mobility of Ph.D. students is also promoted and supported.

The following people are involved in common projects concerning Probability and Statistical Physics:

  • Giada Basile (Rome, La Sapienza)

  • Lorenzo Bertini (Rome, La Sapienza)

  • Alessandra Faggionato (Rome, La Sapienza)

  • Davide Gabrielli (L'Aquila University)

  • Cedric Bernardin (Nice University)

  • Raphael Chetrite (Nice, CNRS)