Domenico Fiorenza

Curriculum vitæ et studiorum (last update: 2015, I'm a lazy updater)
(pdf version)

Born:  September 9th, 1974, Catanzaro, Italy.

Laurea in Matematica (Degree in Mathematics):   University of Rome La Sapienza, July 16th, 1996.

PhD in Mathematics: University of Pisa, December 11th, 2002.

Current position: Associate Professor (Professore associato) at the Department of Mathematics, University of Rome La Sapienza (since October 1st, 2015).

Selected adresses:
  • First Joint Meeting AMS-UMI, Pisa, 2002, special session on
         Quantum Cohomology and Moduli Spaces.
  • Symmetry in Nonlinear Mathematical Physics, Kiev, 2003 [notes].
  • Rencontres mathematiques de Glanon, Glanon, 2003 [notes].
  • Visiting professor in IHÉS, February 2005.
  • Geometry and Physics, Milano, 2007
  • Algebraic Structures in Geometry and Physics, Leicester, 2008
  • CATS3, Centro di Ricerca Matematica Ennio De Giorgi, Pisa, 2008
  • Quarterly Seminar on Topology and Geometry, Utrecht, 2011
  • ETH, Zürich, 2012
  • Visiting professor in MPIM, April 2013
  • Quantization, topological models and generalized geometries,
          Bayrischzell, 2013
  • GAP XI, Pittsburgh, 2013
  • Higher Structures in Algebraic Analysis, Padova, 2014
  • Derived Algebraic Geometry, with a focus on derived symplectic
         techniques; Warwick, 2015
  • Higher TQFT and categorical quantum mechanics; ESI, Vienna, 2015

  • Additional Information:  
    PostDoc Researcher in the Departments of Mathematics of the Universities of Rome Tor Vergata, 2002 and La Sapienza, 2003-2005.
    Assistant Professor (Ricercatore) at the Department of Mathematics, University of Rome La Sapienza (January 1st, 2005 - September 30th, 2015).

    Research papers

    35. Formal Abel-Jacobi maps (with Marco Manetti), [arXiv]
    34. Rational sphere valued supercocycles in M-theory and type IIA string theory (with Hisham Sati and Urs Schreiber), [arXiv]
    33. Hodge Theory and Deformations of Affine Cones of Subcanonical Projective Varieties (with Carmelo Di Natale and Enrico Fatighenti), to appear in Journal of the London Mathematical Society [arXiv]
    32. Recollements in stable ∞-categories (with Fosco Loregian), [arXiv]
    31. The WZW term of the M5-brane and differential cohomotopy (with Hisham sati and Urs Schreiber), J. Math. Phys. 56, 102301 (2015) [arXiv]
    30. Central extensions of mapping class groups from characteristic classes (with Urs Schreiber and Alessandro Valentino), [arXiv]
    29. Hearts and towers in stable infinity-categories (with Fosco Loregian), [arXiv]
    28. Boundary conditions for topological quantum field theories, anomalies and projective modular functors (with Alessandro Valentino), Comm. Math. Phys.
         Volume 338, Issue 3, pp 1043-1074 (2015) [arXiv, journal]
    27. t-structures are normal torsion theories (with Fosco Loregian), Applied Categorical Structures 2015 (on line first, doi:s10485-015-9393-z) [arXiv]
    26. Z_2 invariants of topological insulators as geometric obstructions (with Domenico Monaco and Gianluca Panati), Commun. Math. Phys. 343, 1115-1157 (2016) [arXiv]
    25. Construction of real-valued localized composite Wannier functions for insulators (with Domenico Monaco and Gianluca Panati), Annales Henri Poincaré
         (2015) [arXiv, journal]
    24. Super Lie n-algebra extensions, higher WZW models, and super p-branes with tensor multiplet fields (with Hisham Sati and Urs Schreiber), International
          Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics (to appear)[arXiv]
    23. L-infinity algebras of local observables from higher prequantum bundles (with Christopher L. Rogers and Urs Schreiber), Homology, Homotopy and
          Applications, vol. 16(2), 2014, pp.107-142 [arXiv, journal]
    22. Higher U(1)-gerbe connections in geometric prequantization (with Christopher L. Rogers and Urs Schreiber), Rev. Math. Phys., Vol. 28, Issue 06, 1650012 (2016) [arXiv]
    21. A higher stacky perspective on Chern-Simons theory (with Hisham Sati and Urs Schreiber), in Mathematical Aspects of Quantum Field Theories (Damien
          Calaque and Thomas Strobl Eds.), Springer (2015) [arXiv, book]
    20. Extended higher cup-product Chern-Simons theories (with Hisham Sati and Urs Schreiber), Journal of Geometry and Physics, Volume 74 (2013), 130-163
          [arXiv, journal]
    19. The E8 moduli 3-stack of the C-field in M-theory (with Hisham Sati and Urs Schreiber), Comm. Math. Phys. (2014) [arXiv, journal]
    18. Multiple M5-branes, String 2-connections, and 7d nonabelian Chern-Simons theory (with Hisham Sati and Urs Schreiber), Advances in Theoretical and
          Mathematical Physics Vol. 18, No. 2, 229-321 (2014) [arXiv, journal]
    17. Formality of Koszul brackets and deformations of holomorphic Poisson manifolds (with Marco Manetti), Homology, Homotopy and Applications, Volume 14, No. 2 (2012), 63-75, [arXiv, journal]
    16. A higher Chern-Weil derivation of AKSZ sigma-models (with Chris Rogers and Urs Schreiber), International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern
          Physics, Vol. 10, No. 1 (2013) 1250078 (36 pages) [arXiv, journal]
    15. Cech cocycles for differential characteristic classes -- An infinity-Lie theoretic construction (with Urs Schreiber and Jim Stasheff), Advances in Theoretical
          and Mathematical Physics, Vol. 16, No. 1 (2012), 149-250 [arXiv, journal]
    14. A short note on infinity-groupoids and the period map for projective manifolds (with Elena Martinengo), Publications of the nLab, Volume 2, no.1 (2012),
          pp. 1-13 [arXiv, journal].
    13. Differential graded Lie algebras controlling infinitesimal deformations of coherent sheaves (with Donatella Iacono and Elena Martinengo),
          JEMS, Volume 14, Issue 2, 2012, pp. 521-540 [journal, arXiv]
    12. A period map for generalized deformations (with Marco Manetti), Journal of Noncommutative Geometry, Vol. 3, No. 4 (2009), 579-597 [journal, arXiv]
    11. Cosimplicial DGLAs in deformation theory (with Marco Manetti and Elena Martinengo), Communications in Algebra Volume 40, Issue 6 (2012) 2243-2260
          [arXiv, journal]
    10. L-infinity algebras, Cartan homotopies and period maps (with Marco Manetti), [arXiv]
    9. L-infinity structures on mapping cones (with Marco Manetti), Algebra & Number Theory, Vol 1, No. 3 (2007), 301-330 [journal, arXiv]
    8. Graph complexes in deformation quantization (with Lucian M. Ionescu), Lett. Math. Phys., Vol 73, No. 3 (2005), 193-208 [journal, arXiv]
    7. On the Hochschild-Kostant-Rosenberg map for graded manifolds (with Alberto S. Cattaneo and Riccardo Longoni), IMRN 2005:62 (2005) 3899-3918,
        [ journal, arXiv]
    6. An introduction to the Batalin-Vilkovisky formalism, Comptes Rendus des Rencontres Mathématiques de Glanon, Édition 2003 [journal , arXiv]
    5. Associative algebras, punctured disks and the quantization of Poisson manifolds (with Riccardo Longoni), Proceedings of Fifth International Conference
        Symmetry in Nonlinear Mathematical Physics, Kiev (Ukraine), part 2, Volume 50 of Proceedings of Institute of Mathematics on NAS of Ukraine, Editors
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    4. Sums over graphs and integration over discrete groupoids, Applied Categorical Structures, Vol. 14, No. 4 (2006), 313-350. [journal, arXiv]
    3. Feynman diagrams and the KdV hierarchy, [arXiv]
    2. Matrix integrals and Feynman diagrams in the Kontsevich model (with Riccardo Murri), Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, Vol. 7,
        No. 3 (2003) 525-576 [journal, arXiv]
    1. Feynman diagrams via graphical calculus (with Riccardo Murri), Journal of Knot Theory and Its Ramifications, Vol. 11, No. 7 (2002) 1095-1131)
        [journal, arXiv]

    Expository papers

    3. Secret life of pairs of points, Atomium Culture (Mathematics)
    2. Il dilemma del rigorista, Archimede, 3, 2010, 124-128 (in Italian) [pdf]
    1. Graded Poisson algebras (with Alberto S. Cattaneo and Riccardo Longoni), Encyclopedia of Mathematical Physics, J.-P. Naber and G. Sheung Tsun
          Tsou Eds., Academic Press-Elsevier (2006), 560-567.[pdf]

    PhD Thesis

    Feynman diagrams, moduli spaces and the KdV hierarchy (PhD Thesis - University of Pisa, 2002), [ps]


  • Deformations of algebras and cohomology, [ps]
  • An introduction to the language of operads, [ps]