INdAM workshop


Spherical surfaces and related topics

Cortona, 15-19 June 2020



The organizers are constantly monitoring the evolution of the situation concerning the spread of the virus SARS-CoV-2 and also the consequent movement restrictions.


At present it is agreed to postpone any decision about the workshop to the beginning of April, when we will know more.


We will keep you informed.




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The workshop will be devoted to the study of surfaces with special metrics with singularities of conical type.

In particular it will focus on the case of spherical metrics, namely Riemannian metrics of curvature 1. Such metrics have been studied from many points of view, using tools coming from synthetic geometry, complex analysis and partial differential equations.

The aim of the meeting is to bring together people with different backgrounds to discuss recent developments, techniques and open questions in the areas of  spherical surfaces with conical points, projective structures with singularities and their monodromy, solutions of the singular Liouville equation, polyhedral spherical surfaces, polygonal linkages.



Chang-Shou Lin

(National Taiwan University)

Feng Luo


Dmitri Panov

(King’s College)



Research talks (confirmed speakers)


Daniele Bartolucci

(Roma “Tor Vergata”)

Alexandre Eremenko


Andrei Gabrielov


Matthew Gursky

(Notre Dame)

Michael Kapovich

(UC Davis)

Andrea Malchiodi

(SNS Pisa)

Alessia Mandini

(PUC Rio de Janeiro)

Rafe Mazzeo


Gaiane Panina

(Saint Petersburg)

Gabriella Tarantello

(Roma “Tor Vergata”)

Bin Xu


Xuwen Zhu

(UC Berkeley)




Organizing Committee

Francesca De Marchis

(Roma “Sapienza”)

Feng Luo


Rafe Mazzeo


Gabriele Mondello

(Roma “Sapienza”)

Dmitri Panov

(King’s College)







Foundation Compositio Mathematica

“Sapienza” Università di RomaDipartimento di Matematica

PRIN 2015 "Moduli spaces and Lie theory"