Chiostro di S. Pietro in Vincoli, Rome
June 14-16, 2017

Pdf files of the talks

Yves Achdou   Mean field games with congestion: weak solutions
Tamer Basar   A General Theory for Discrete-Time Mean-Field Games
Peter E. Caines   Partially Observed Mean Field Games with Applications in Finance
Pierre Cardaliaguet   On the long time behavior of the master equation in Mean Field Games
Elisabetta Carlini   A Semi-Lagrangian discretization of non linear Fokker Planck equations
René Carmona   Synchronization of Circadian Rhythms: an MFG Model of Jet Lag
Marco Cirant   Ground states of focusing Mean-Field Games on RN
Francois Delarue   Examples of Restoration of Uniqueness in Mean-Field Games
Markus Fischer   Mean field games with absorption
Massimo Fornasier   Mean-Field Control Hierarchy
Diogo A. Gomes   First-order, stationary MFGs with congestion
Minyi Huang   A Linear-Quadratic Mean Field Team with Mixed Players
Daniel Lacker   From the master equation to mean field game limits, fluctuations, and large deviations
Charles-Albert Lehalle   A Mean Field Game of Controls: Closing The Loop of Optimal Trading
Pierre-Louis Lions   3 topics on MFG
Roland P. Malhamé   Min-LQG Games and Collective Discrete Choice Problems
Claudio Marchi   Mean Field Games on networks
Lorenzo Pareschi   Boltzmann-type Optimal Control and Model Predictive Control
Filippo Santambrogio   New estimates on quadratic variational Mean Field Games via techniques from the JKO world
Francisco J. Silva   On the variational formulation of some stationary second order mean field games systems