Civis3I Postdoctoral Fellow

Sapienza Università di Roma


I am a Civis3I Postdoctoral Fellow (part of the MSCA action) at University La Sapienza, under the supervision of Alessandra Faggionato.

My research focuses on problems originating from physics in which a stochastic component plays a key role, leading to new macroscopic effects. This randomness can originate from molecular behaviors, such as inter-collisions and interactions with the boundary in kinetic theory, from some microstructure representing particles lying inside a fluid, or from diffusive effects when studying nonlinear diffusions. Mathematically, the tools I use come mostly from probability theory (Harris theorem, coupling techniques, stochastic calculus) and from the theory of partial differential equations.

Before moving to Rome, I was a postdoc researcher at the LJLL (Sorbonne Université), under the supervision of Mitia Duerinckx (FNRS) and Antoine Gloria (LJLL, SU). And before that, I was a PhD student at the LPSM (Sorbonne Université) under the supervision of Nicolas Fournier (LPSM, Sorbonne Université) and Stéphane Mischler (CEREMADE, Université Paris Dauphine).


  • Kinetic theory with boundary effects;
  • Stochastic homogenization;
  • Nonlinear diffusions;
  • Mean-field limits.


  • Postdoctoral Researcher, 2021-2022

    LJLL, Sorbonne Université

  • PhD in Applied Mathematics, 2017-2020

    LPSM, Sorbonne Université

  • MASt in Mathematics, 2017

    University of Cambridge

  • Ingénieur Statisticien, 2017

    ENSAE ParisTech

Preprints and Publications

(2020). Ph.D. Thesis: Long-Time Behavior of Kinetic Equations with Boundary Effects. Supervisors: Nicolas Fournier (LPSM) and Stéphane Mischler (CEREMADE). Defended in December, 2020.

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I will be next in :

Some former talks (see the complete list for more):

  • On the Cercignani-Lampis boundary condition in kinetic theory, Workshop du projet ANR EFI, Lyon, November 2022.
  • Beyond the mean-field limit for the McKean-Vlasov particle system : Uniform in time estimates for the cumulants, Workshop Metastability, mean-field particle systems and non linear processes, Université Jean Monnet, Saint-Etienne, May 2022. Slides
  • Superfluidity of a Hydrodynamic Model for Active Suspensions, Séminaire de Probabilités, Institut de Mathématiques de Marseille, January 2021. Slides
  • Asymptotic Behavior of Kinetic Equations with Boundary Conditions, Séminaire du CEREMADE Analyse-Probabilités, November 2021.