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A regular threefold of general type with pg=0 and P2=12.
Ezio Stagnaro
PDF download, published online 14 february 2019.

Abstract. Following an idea of Ronconi, we construct a nonsingular, normal threefold of general type with pg=q1=q2=0 and P2=12. Similar examples in the literature have pg=q1=q2=0 and 0 ≤ P2 ≤ 8.

Internal observability of the wave equation in tiled domains.
Anna Chiara Lai
PDF download, published online 13 december 2018.

Abstract. We investigate the internal observability of the wave equation with Dirichlet boundary conditions in tilings. The paper includes a general result relating internal observability problems in general domains to their tiles, and a discussion of the case in which the domain is the 30-60-90 triangle.