Venerdì 14 Marzo 2008
History of indian mathematics with comparisons to the west and the story of development of calculus in Kerala, 1350-1650

Giovedì 15 Marzo 2007
College de France
Gravity coupled with the standard model: the spectral model and its predictions

Venerdì 15 Dicembre 2006
Princeton University
Mathematical challenges of General Relativity

Venerdì 13 Ottobre 2006
Michel DUFLO
Centre de Mathematiques de Jussieu - Université Paris 7 Denis Diderot
Branching rules for discrete series of Lie groups and moment maps.
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Venerdì 9 Giugno 2006
Department of Mathematics, University of Michigan
Multiplier ideals and their applications

Venerdì 12 Maggio 2006
Department of Mathematics, Stanford University
Imaging in complex environments
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Venerdì 5 Maggio 2006
Astronomie et Systèmes Dynamiques, IMCCE e Departement de Mathematiques, Universite Paris VII
The shape of a triangle
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Venerdì 7 Aprile 2006
Masayasu MIMURA
Department of Mathematics, Meiji Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Meiji University
Mathematics Moving Towards Biology - Modelling and analysis of reaction diffusion systems -
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Lunedì 30 Maggio 2005
Università di Roma Tor Vergata
Microstrutture in meccanica dei continui e limiti di scala in meccanica statistica
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Lunedì 9 Maggio 2005
Masamichi TAKESAKI
Where to meet an operator algebra
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Lunedì 18 Aprile 2005
Université Paris 12, Institut Universitaire de France
Constant mean curvature hypersurfaces in Riemannian manifolds
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Lunedì 21 marzo 2005
Northeastern University
Cartan-Killing classification: old and new

Lunedì 31 gennaio 2005
Richard B. MELROSE
Massachussets Institute of Technology
Index Theory, Twisting and Quantization

Mercoledý 17 novembre 2004
Pierre DELIGNE  (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton)
The category of representations of the symmetric group S_t, when t is not a natural number

Venerdý 21 maggio 2004
Richard HAMILTON  (Columbia University)
The Ricci Flow on Three-Manifolds

Giovedý 6 maggio 2004
Tai-Ping LIU  (Academia Sinica e Stanford University)
Entropy methods and nonlinearity

Venerdý 30 aprile 2004
Gene H. GOLUB  (Stanford University)
A History of Numerical Linear Algebra

Mercoledý 3 dicembre 2003
Pierre-Louis LIONS  (CollŔge de France)
Stochastic control and finance

Giovedý 13 novembre 2003
Luis CAFFARELLI  (University of Texas)
Homogenization of parametric problems

Venerdý 7 novembre 2003
Enrique ZUAZUA  (Universidad Aut˛noma de Madrid)
Wave propagation, numerics and control

Lunedý 9 giugno 2003
Efim ZELMANOV  (Yale University)
Infinite dimensional algebras and superalgebras
Jean-Francois LE GALL  (Ecole Normale SupÚrieure - Paris)
Continuous random trees and their applications to combinatorics and partial differential equations

Giovedý 29 maggio 2003
Joe HARRIS  (Harvard University)
Shigeru MUKAI  (RIMS - Kyoto)
JÓnos KOLLAR  (Princeton University)
Ciro CILIBERTO  (UniversitÓ di Tor Vergata - Roma)