• Serguei Barannikov : Batalin-Vilkovisky formalism on cyclic words and EA-matrix integrals
  • Pierre Bieliavsky: Symmetric spaces, midpoints and strict deformation quantization
  • Alberto Cattaneo: Poisson sigma model by cut and paste
  • Janusz Grabowski : Remarks on contact geometry
  • Simone Gutt: $L_\infty$-formality question for the universal algebra of semisimple Lie algebras
  • Donatella Iacono: DG-Lie algebroids and deformations of log varieties
  • Niels Kowalzig: Higher brackets on cyclic and negative cyclic (co)homology
  • Camille Laurent-Gengoux: Quasi-Poisson Lie groupoids and shifted+1 Poisson structure
  • Ioan Marcut: A local model around Poisson submanifolds
  • Eva Miranda: Desingularizing Poisson and Jacobi structures
  • Ryszard Nest: On a Γ-equivariant index theorem
  • Cristian Ortiz: Shifted symplectic structures on differentiable stacks
  • Volodya Roubtsov: Lie algebroid cohomology and Lie algebroid extensions
  • Pavol Severa: Quantization of Poisson-Lie groups and a little bit beyond
  • Georgy Sharygin: Deformation quantization of Lie algebra actions and commutative families
  • Jan Slovák: BGG calculus on symplectic manifolds
  • Stefan Waldmann: Coisotropic Triples and Reduction
  • Ping Xu: Formality theorem for dg manifolds
  • Marco Zambon: Singular subalgebroids