Seminar of Combinatorial Geometry
"Giuseppe Tallini"

Welcome to the page of the Combinatorics Seminar of the Department of Mathematics of the University Sapienza, Rome.

During the year 2007-2008 the seminar meets usually on Thursdays in Aula di Consiglio.

Next meetings:

Thursday; 5 June 2008, 3pm, Aula di Consiglio

Here are the slides for A. Machì's talk and those for R. Cori's first lecture.

In this page you can find:

You might wish to check out the homepage of the "Geometric and Combinatorial Structures and their Applications Seminar" of the University of Naples "Federico II".

Click here for the page of the research group "Gruppi, Grafi e Geometrie" with information about the activities and publications of the group [in Italian].
(Scientific Director: Dina Ghinelli)

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