a Conference in Honour of



Some rooms have been reserved for the Main Speaker at Hotel Athena (60 euros for a single room, 90 for a double room). This Hotel is placed in Via Ercole Pasquali 3, and it is very near to Mathematics Department.

Next, we give a short list of possible hotels which are close to the Mathematics Department. If you want us to book for you the hotel, please tell us (email: mjdr@mat.uniroma1.it) the days and which one of the hotels you would like to stay and with no problem we will make the reservation at your name.

Hotel Globus, Viale Ippocrate, 119 (95 euros for a single room, 105 euros for a double room). If you want to book here you have to say that you are going to attend a conference at the University La Sapienza.

Hotel Villa San Lorenzo, Via dei Liguri, 7 (90 euros single room, 130 euros double room).

Hotel Castelfidardo, Via Castelfidardo, 31 (70 euros for a single room, 90 euros for a double room).

Hotel Vibel, Scalo San Lorenzo 97 (60 euros for a single room, 80 euros for a duoble room).

“ ... Insisti, Resisti, Persisti e Conquisti... ”