"Numerical methods for optimal control problems: algorithms, analysis and applications"

Roma, June, 19-23, 2017
Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica - INdAM

Organizing and Scientific Committee:

    Maurizio Falcone (Università Roma La Sapienza)
    Roberto Ferretti (Università Roma Tre)
    Lars Grüne (University of Bayreuth)
    William M. McEneaney (UC San Diego)

The meeting is also sponsored by:

Dip. Matematica e Fisica - Roma Tre

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Aims and scopes

The workshop has two major objectives: training young researchers and future scientific leaders in the field of control theory for finite-dimensional systems, and bringing together leading experts in the neighboring areas of optimal control, games and their numerical treatment, to exchange ideas and compare results. In order to reach these objectives, the workshop will gather participants with knowledge and expertise in complementary areas of mathematics and engineering. The areas of interests include optimal control, differential games, Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations, feedback control, model predictive control, max-plus algebra with a particular emphasis on numerical methods and algorithms.
All the activities will be hosted at the INDAM lecture room (1st floor of the Math Department).

Scientific Program

There will be about 20 lectures of 45 mins each.
    M. Akian (INRIA)
    O. Bokanowski (Paris 7)
    F. Bonnans(INRIA)
    A. Borzi (Würzburg)
    S. Cacace (Roma Tre)
    I. Capuzzo Dolcetta (SAPIENZA)
    E. Cristiani (IAC-CNR)
    M. Diehl (Freiburg)
    P. Dower (Melbourne)
    T. Faulwasser (Karlsruhe)
    S. Gaubert (Ecole Polytechnique & INRIA)
    M. Gerdts (Bundeswehr Universität München)
    N. Guglielmi (L'Aquila)
    C. Jones (EPFL)
    W. Kang (Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey)
    A. Krener (Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey)
    K. Kunisch (Graz)
    I. Mitchell (British Columbia)
    M. Mueller (Stuttgart)
    V. Simoncini (Bologna)
    A. Vladimirsky (Cornell)
    H. Zidani (ENSTA)

We plan to organize a contributed talk session so if you intend to submit a proposal please register by April 15 and send an abstract (using the Latex template available here) to  by April 15. The final decision on the acceptation of contributed talks will be communicated by April 30.

Views of the Math Department just after its construction in 1935: west side, main entrance, library (right)

Timetable and Organization

Please consult the programme for more details.

--   Program
--   Book of abstracts
--   Pdf files of the talks

All the activities will be held at Istituto di Alta Matematica (INdAM).

The architect Giò Ponti (left) and his plans for the Math Department, section (center) and plan (right)


There is no admission fee for this event but you must be registered. Registrations can be done ONLY via WEB. Be aware that the number of participants is limited to 45. If you wish to attend and to be added to the waiting list, please fill out the registration form. The final deadline to register is April 15, 2017.

A global view of the Math Department in 1935


Rome is a classic touristic destination so all the air company fly to Rome Fiumicino or Rome Ciampino (low cost) airports.
From both airport there are several ways to reach the campus, mainly a bus service or a train service.
To know more about the train connections Fiumicino-Rome click here.

Accommodation and tourist informations

We have made a pre-booking at special rates for the workshop participants. The hotel list is below, they are all at walking distance from the Math Department inside the campus. All the hotels give free access to the WiFi.
Participants can use the special rates giving the code NUMOC2017 when they book their room directly to the hotel before March 30.
You will be requested to pay for your room on-site.

For a map of Rome click here.

Ateneo Garden Hotel
Via dei Salentini 3 - 00141 Roma
Tel +39 06 4440042, Fax +39 06 4453621
Single Room 125.00 €
Double Room 155.00 €
All prices include breakfast
Hotel Globus Best Western
119, Viale Ippocrate - 0161 Roma
Tel +39 06 4457001, Fax +39 06 4941062
Single/Double Room (Working) 84.00 €
Single/Double Room (Liberty) 94.00 €
All prices include breakfast
Hotel Laurentia
Largo degli Osci, 63
same contacts of Ateneo Garden Hotel
Single Room 90.00 €
Double Room 110.00 €
All prices include breakfast

Views of the main square of the campus with Minerva statue

See also:
Restaurants Suggestion
Restaurant map

Important dates

April 15, 2017     deadline for registration and talk proposals
March 30, 2017     deadline for the hotel reservation

Proceedings of the workshop

The volume will be published in the Springer INDAM series, a special series devoted to INDAM workshops and conferences. More information can be found here

All the papers should be submitted by October 15, sending the pdf version to

The Latex template can be found here (you should use the Contributed books template)

All the papers are subject to a refereeing process that (hopefully) will last 2 months. So a first answer should arrive around Christmas time.
The referee process for the second submission should end by April 30.

The total number of pages should stay strictly below 25 pages. We have obtained from Springer the consent to publish some color figures if this will improve the comprehension of the articles. Clearly the number of color figures should be kept to a minimum.

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    The workshop is funded by Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica (INdAM).

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