Rendiconti di Matematica e delle sue Applicazioni
ISSN 1120-7183 (print)
ISSN 2532-3350 (online)

Editorial policy

The Journal "Rendiconti di Matematica e delle sue Applicazioni" is regularly issued since 1914, and traditionally publishes high-quality research articles in Pure and Applied Mathematics. Articles of any length are considered for publication. Submission of surveys, of articles of foundational nature, of doctoral dissertations etc. is also encouraged. Published articles are written in English or, under special circumstances, in Italian or in French.

The journal is published biannually both in hard copy and electronic format. It is an open access journal, meaning it is freely available on the internet to any interested reader with no restrictions in the use, distribution and reproduction of articles provided the original work is properly cited. Publication is free for the authors: we do not charge our authors for publication.

Rendiconti di Matematica e delle sue Applicazioni is a joint publication of the Sapienza University of Roma and Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica (INdAM). The above institutions cover only a part of the costs of the journal, the remaining part is given by subscription rates of hard copies. So, if you (or your organization) would like to support us financially, please consider the possibility of a subscription for your library.

Our policy is to mantain the subscription rate as low as possible: since all published papers are immediately available online, in order to reduce costs the printed volumes will be shipped once a year.

The editorial board if formed by 10 members, 8 of Sapienza University and 2 of INdAM, the associate editors (up to 30) are chosen by the governing board among the major and reputed experts in all the areas on mathematics.