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Mohamed Badr Benboubker, Rajae Bentahar, Meryem El Lekhlifi, Hassane Hjiaj

Existence of renormalized solutions for some non-coercive anisotropic elliptic problems with Neumann boundary condition

📥 Full Text (PDF format), published online 31 May 2024.

Abstract. Not available in HTML format.

Luca Rizzi, Francesco Zucconi

Global Kodaira-Spencer class and Massey products

📥 Full Text (PDF format), published online 27 May 2024.

Abstract. We define a new notion of supported global deformation class for a semistable family of complex varieties over a curve f:X→B. We use this notion to study when X, possibly up to a finite covering, has a generically finite morphism onto a product B ×Y with Y of general type.

Tilak Bhattacharya

Some results for the Asymptotics and the Strong Minimum Principle for solutions to some nonlinear parabolic equations

📥 Full Text (PDF format), published online 17 May 2024.

Abstract. We extend some results by Bhattacharya and Marazzi on strong minimum principle and asymptotics of positive viscosity solutions to a class of doubly nonlinear parabolic equations.

Hùng Việt Chu

Strong partially greedy bases with respect to an arbitrary sequence

📥 Full Text (PDF format), published online 13 May 2024.

Abstract. For Schauder bases, Dilworth et al. introduced and characterized the partially greedy property, which is strictly weaker than the (almost) greedy property. Later, Berasategui et al. defined and studied the strong partially greedy property for general bases. Let n be any strictly increasing sequence of positive integers. In this paper, we define the strong partially greedy property with respect to n, called the (n, strong partially greedy) property. We give characterizations of this new property, study relations among (n, strong partially greedy) properties for different sequences n, establish Lebesgue-type inequalities for the (n, strong partially greedy) parameter, investigate (n, strong partially greedy) bases with gaps, and weighted (n, strong partially greedy) bases, to name a few. Furthermore, we introduce the (n, almost greedy) property and equate the property to a strengthening of the (n, strong partially greedy) property. This paper can be viewed both as a survey of recent results regarding strong partially greedy bases and as an extension of these results to an arbitrary sequence instead of N.

Lucio Cadeddu, Antonio Greco, Benyam Mebrate

Non-autonomous overdetermined problems for the normalized p-Laplacian

📥 Full Text (PDF format), published online 27 March 2024.

Abstract. We present existence and nonexistence results on the solution of an overdetermined problem for the normalized p-Laplacian in a bounded open set, with p ranging from 1 to infinity. More precisely we consider a non-constant Neumann condition at the boundary. The definitions and statements needed to understand the main results are recalled in detail.

Lucio Boccardo, Andrea Dall'Aglio

Bounded solutions for Dirichlet problems with degenerate coercivity and a quadratic gradient term

📥 Full Text (PDF format), published online 27 March 2024.

Abstract. We give existence results for weak solutions of Dirichlet problems for elliptic equations having degenerate coercivity and a first order term which has quadratic growth with respect to the gradient. The proof is based on the use of test functions having exponential growth.

Fatima Ezzahra Bourhim, Ali El Mfadel, M'hamed Elomari, Naoufel Hatime

Existence and uniqueness results for nonlinear hybrid Ψ-Caputo-type fractional differential equations with nonlocal periodic boundary conditions

📥 Full Text (PDF format), published online 21 February 2024.

Abstract. In this paper, we consider a nonlinear fractional hybrid differential equation involving the Ψ-Caputo fractional operator with nonlocal periodic boundary conditions. Based on Lipschitz and Carathéodory conditions and via the Krasnoselskii fixed point theorem and some basic fractional analysis techniques, we discuss the existence and uniqueness of solutions to the proposed problem. Moreover, for a specific class of continuous functions, we prove some fundamental fractional differential inequalities. We finish this work with a non-trivial example.