Recenti pubblicazioni (Recent Papers)

  1. S. Grushevsky, R.Salvati Manni: The Prym map on divisors, and the slope of A_5 ( Appendix by K. Hulek) arXiv:1107.3094
  2. E. Freitag, R. Salvati Manni: On Siegel threefolds with a projective Calabi-Yau model . arXiv:1103.2040
  3. S. Grushevsky, R.Salvati Manni: The Scorza correspondence in genus 3 arXiv:1009.0375
  4. S. Cynk, E. Freitag, R. Salvati Manni: The geometry and arithmetic of a Calabi-Yau Siegel threefold. [ To appear on Int. Jour. Math. ] arXiv:1004.2997
  5. E. Freitag, R. Salvati Manni: Some Siegel threefolds with Calabi-Yau model II. [To appear on Kyungpook Math. Journal] arXiv:1001.0324
  6. E. Freitag, R. Salvati Manni: Some Siegel threefolds with Calabi-Yau model. [ Ann. Scuola Norm. Sup. Pisa Cl. Sci. (5) } Vol IX (2010), 833-850 ] arXiv:0905.4150
  7. M.Oura; C.Poor; R.Salvati Manni; D.Yuen: Modular Forms of weight 8 for \Gamma_g(1,2) .[ Mathematische Annalen, Vol. 346. 2, 2010 , pag. 477-498] arXiv:0811.2259
  8. S. Grushevsky, R.Salvati Manni: On the cosmological constant for the chiral superstring [ Am. Jour. Math. 133 (2011) 1007--1027] arXiv: 0809.1391
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  11. R.Salvati Manni: Remarks on Superstring amplitudes in higher genus.[Nuclear Physics B 801 163 (2008)] arXiv: 0804.0512
  12. Oura M., R.Salvati Manni: On the image of code polynomials under theta map. [JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICS OF KYOTO UNIVERSITY, vol. 48;(2008) p. 895-906] arXiv:0803.4389
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  21. C. Bachoc, R. Salvati Manni: On Theta series vanishing at infinity and related lattices.[ACTA ARITHMETICA, vol. 124;(2006) p. 59-71] link

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