Camillo Cammarota

Most recent papers (pdf Format)
  1. C. Cammarota
    Positive and negative correlations for conditional Ising distributions
    Rev. Math. Phys., Vol. 14, 1099-1113 (2002)
  2. C. Cammarota, G. Guarini, E. Rogora, M. Ambrosini
    Non stationary model of the heartbeat time series in atrial fibrillation
    In Mathematical Modelling and Computing in Biology and Medicine, Proceedings of the 5th ESMTB Conference, Milano 2002, Ed. V. Capasso, Milano, Società editrice Esculapio 2003.
  3. C. Cammarota, E. Rogora
    Testing independence in time series via universal distributions of permutations and words
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  4. C. Cammarota, E. Rogora
    Independence and symbolic independence of nonstationary heartbeat series during atrial fibrillation
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  5. C. Cammarota, E. Rogora
    Validation of nonstationary model of atrioventricular node conduction in atrial fibrillation
    Proceedings of the seventh SIMAI Congress, Applied and Industrial Mathematics in Italy,
    Venezia 2004. Primicerio, Spigler, Valente Eds. World Scientific.
  6. C. Cammarota
    An inequality for the Gibbs mean number of clusters
    J. Math. Phys. 46 (2005)
  7. B. Cardinetti, C. Cammarota
    Negative conclusion cases: a proposal for likelihood ratio evaluation
    Law, Probability and Risk, 4, 79-88 (2005).
  8. C. Cammarota, E. Rogora
    Spectral and symbolic analysis of heart rate data durig tilt test
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  9. C. Cammarota, E. Rogora
    Time reversal, symbolic series and irreversibility of human heartbeat
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  10. C. Cammarota, E. Rogora
    Alcune applicazioni della Matematica all'analisi dell'elettrocardiogramma
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  11. B. Cardinetti, C. Cammarota
    Negative conclusion cases: further proposal for likelihood ratio evaluation
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  12. C. Cammarota, M. Curione
    Analysis of extrema of heartbeat time series in exercise test
    Mathematical Medicine and Biology, 25, 87-97 (2008). DOI
  13. C. Cammarota,
    Time series analysis of data from stress ECG
    Communications to SIMAI Congress, Vol.3 (2009).
  14. C. Cammarota
    The difference-sign runs length distribution in testing for serial independence
    Journal of Applied Statistics, 38, 1033-1043 (2011).DOI
  15. C. Cammarota, M. Curione
    Trend and variability of the heart beat RR intervals during the exercise stress test
    Proceeding of the 6th ESGCO Congress. Berlin (2010).
  16. C. Cammarota, M. Curione
    Modeling trend and time-varying variance of heart beat RR intervals during stress test
    Fluctuation and Noise Letters, 10, 1-12 (2011) DOI
  17. C. Cammarota, M. Curione
    Time delay between RR and RT heart beat intervals assessed by trend extraction of exercise test data
    Fluctuation and Noise Letters, 11, 1250019, (2012) DOI
  18. C. Cammarota, M. Curione
    Trend extraction in functional data of R and T waves amplitudes of exercise electrocardiogram
    (2016) 1602.05907 Fluctuation and Noise Letters
  19. C. Cammarota
    Estimating the turning point location in shifted exponential model of time series
    (2016) 1602.05906 Journal of Applied Statistics
  20. C. Cammarota, A. Pinto
    Variable selection and importance in presence of high collinearity: an application to the prediction of lean body mass from multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance
    (2020) Journal of Applied Statistics DOI
  21. C. Cammarota
    Inter-event times statistic in stationary processes: non linear ARMA modeling of wind speed time series
    (2021) Nonlinear Phenomena in Complex Systems DOI
  22. F. E. Leonelli, M. Bellacicco, J. Pitarch, E. Organelli, B. Buongiorno Nardelli, V. de Toma, C. Cammarota, S. Marullo, R. Santoleri
    Ultra-oligotrophic waters expansion in the North Atlantic Subtropical Gyre revealed by 21 years of satellite observations
    Geophysical Research Letters 2022 DOI
  23. E. Mocini, C. Cammarota, et. al.
    Digital Anthropometry: A Systematic Review on Precision,Reliability and Accuracy of Most Popular Existing Technologies
    Nutrients 2023, 15, 302. DOI